Michael Bierut and his team recently redesigned an exquisite new identity for Mohawk . The new M monogram was inspired by the papermaking process and the printing process, which both involve paper going around large cylinders. What I love the most is that the new vibrate colors inject so much life into the brand and look great on the new ream wraps, posters and business cards. Michael Bierut goes into even more detail about his design process in this recent interview with Felt & Wire.

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Graphic designer Tilman Zitzmann has been creating some fantastic geometry inspired shapes and designs. Follow his tumblr to get your daily dose.

I’m loving these early ads from Paul Rand when he was art director of the William Weintraub Agency in New York. His playful collage and illustration style are definitely apparent in these, it’s just a reminder for me just how much of a master he really was.

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Check out Field Notes co-founder Aaron Draplin’s amazing collection of vintage memo books. In this video Draplin talks about how they inspired the Filed Notes brand and the launch of the new National Crop Edition.

Aaron Draplin has been one of my favorite designers for awhile. His recent talk on Portland’s Creative Mornings was pretty bold and hilarious, giving us 50 points that will make or break your career. Point No. 22 “Get Cosmic”, my favorite.

Yesterday I picked up the recent issue of GOOD magazine, and I was really impressed by these WPA posters by Dan Cassaro. I thought they were incredibly clever and fun, I’d defiantly by a screen print of these.

Today I came across the new call for entries video for the annual ADC Young Guns competition. The video features past Young Gun winners being splashed by a generous amount of black goo to form an iconic ‘X’. Hilarious stuff.

I’m really liking the branding work from Massachusetts based Oat Creative. Their work for Island Creek Oyster Bar is really good stuff. Even the website has a really great textured look but with a modern spin. More below the fold.

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I’m really loving these Watch Clocks by Andrew Neyer. I can not tell you how much I would love to have one of these hanging on my wall. Oversized objects tend to make you feel like a kid, and I love that these do that.


I’m really liking this new branding for the Moscow Design Museum. The system’s wordmark is complimented by a series of geometric shapes that are inspired by old Russian glass patterns. What I love the most about this is that it allows for a variety of logo and pattern combinations that keep the identity system fresh and unique. Check out the applications below.

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