There’s something really intriguing about these tree portraits created by designer Müge Yilmaz. It amazes me how simple it is to focus the attention of something so ordinary and turn it into something that takes on a whole new life and meaning. Every single day we take for granted the simple beautiful things around us, and I admire the people how take the time to open our eyes to what’s all around us. You can view the full set of tree portraits here.


Toronto-based photographer Andrew B. Myers has been the talk of the town lately, and for good reason. His images are anything but simple, although it might look like it at first glance. His use of color, composition and subject matter is what really doest it for me. They make me curious and smile at the same time.

Graphic designer and photographer Ulric Collette recently did something weird and amazing. He took two family members portraits and spliced their faces together revealing some striking similarities. You can check out the full Genetic Portraits series here.

On August 5 NASA launched the Juno spacecraft into space to begin its five-year journey to Jupiter. Juno’s goal is to study and understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter, which will be able to give us a better understanding of our own origins and how our solar system has evolved.

Juno is currently traveling at 77,600 miles per hour (hauling all kinds of ass) and is currently 6.2 million miles away from Earth. The photo above is of the Earth (left) and the moon (right) taken on August 26 from the Juno spacecraft. It really puts things in perspective of how small we are in this vast universe. We’re just another white dot in the sky, but I’m sure we’re all just glad to be here.

Paul Octavious is a photographer and designer based is Chicago with some amazing talent. I was really amazed by his recent record prints, inspired by watching the spinning colors of the album label of his grandpa’s favorite records. The one above is a record by The Beatles. You can see and purchase the full set here.

Norwegian photographer Christopher Jonassen examines how everyday life wears out the metal on the bottom of frying pans as part of his new book, Devour. He shot each frying pan on a black background turning them into some kind of amazing celestial object in the universe. Now I’ll never look at the bottom of frying pan the same again. See more photos here.


I’m not really sure why I don’t have more photography hanging up in my office, but I would defiantly frame and hang up a huge print of any one of David Ryle’s landscape photographs. There’s something about a photograph of an unfamiliar scene that somehow is able to take you out of whatever environment you’re currently in for a brief amount of time. These photos do just that for me. More below the fold.

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I came across this really cool photo blog capturing awesome people in unlikely meetings with other awesome people. There’s all kinds of interesting photos of cool people you never thought hung out, I’ll let you discover them for yourself.

London photographer Mads Perch updated his site with a lot of great new shots. His recent claim to fame is winning Best Album Cover of the Year 2010 for his work for the latest Klaxsons album, Surfing the Void (below).  His excellent use of color in his images gives them that extra little punch. More below the fold.

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Really nice photos of structures from Ben Kelly. This photo above was probably my favorite, I really like how the color of the structure naturally pops off the surrounding sky. Why aren’t more structures covered in vibrant colors? More images below the fold.

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