Music can be found almost anywhere. Even in a gamma-ray burst, the most energetic explosions in the universe. From the help of the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT), NASA was able to convert this amazing event into music. Made by Sylvia Zhu (music) and Judy Racusin (animation). Check out the full info here.

Earlier this month I came across this fantastic remix video of Mister Rogers by Symphony of Science’s, John D. Boswell. Since then it’s gone viral, and now has about five million views on YouTube. Boswell has an amazing talent for blending video mash-ups, and I’ve come to love all his work.

I love this little video that tells the story of the forty years of Pentagram in a charming way.

The new Quantic & Alice Russell album has been a favorite of mine so far this year. Quantic never seems to disappoint with his blend of jazzy-soulful goodness. Look Around the Corner and I’ll Keep My Light In My Window are the definite highlights on the album. On a side note, the intimate filming of this video really allows you to appreciate the beauty of the music and it’s creators.

I recently came across this charming little video by Part & Parcel for the Ford Foundation’s, Time to Succeed Initiative. The video visualizes ways to modernize our education system in a fun and engaging way. I’m loving the little characters, the awesome color palate, and the subtle patterns and textures that is carried throughout the video. Learn more here.

Last week I watched Simon Sinek’s Creative Mornings talk, which I found profoundly inspiring. Sinek imagines a world where we all are inspired by going to work every day. By doing good for others and having self confidence in our own abilities we can make the work place, even society, a better place.

Check out this really cool music video for I Will Never Change for Dubstep producer, Benga. London-based studio US created the stop-motion effect by using 960 records to depict the waveform of the track, just brilliant!

When were are kids our imagination is limitless, nothing seems impossible. To some, a cardboard box is just a cardboard box. For 9-year-old Caine Monroy it’s spare parts for his next mini arcade game. Taking up a small nook at his dad’s used auto-parts store, Caine’s cardboard arcade is complete with tickets, fun passes, and prizes. Caine’s first customer, filmmaker Nirvan Mullick, decided to spread the word about Caine’s Arcade by organizing a surprise flash mob to come out and play. To Caine’s surprise, business is booming one Sunday afternoon, his smile says it all.

Aaron Draplin has been one of my favorite designers for awhile. His recent talk on Portland’s Creative Mornings was pretty bold and hilarious, giving us 50 points that will make or break your career. Point No. 22 “Get Cosmic”, my favorite.

Today I came across the new call for entries video for the annual ADC Young Guns competition. The video features past Young Gun winners being splashed by a generous amount of black goo to form an iconic ‘X’. Hilarious stuff.